Georgina Spelvin

In 1973, short on cash and with the rent due, a Peacenik former Broadway Gypsy living in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District signed on to cook for the cast and crew of a new film, The Devil in Miss Jones. She soon found herself cast in the lead role, and her legendary erotic performance launched her on a career that would come to define the era of Porn Chic.

This is the story of Georgina Spelvin, a poignant and wholly bawdy memoir of her life before and after porn fame, full of riveting anecdotes and marvelous gossip from time spent among the famous and the infamous. With a storyteller’s touch, Georgina takes us to the bright lights of Broadway, the glamour of Manhattan’s Latin Quarter, the fervor of the Vietnam Era peace movement, and of course, the so-called Golden Age of Porn.

Thirty years in the making and five years in the writing, there are more laughs than tears, but no apologies or excuses. It is not a victim’s whine, but a romping good read, filled with the colorful details of a road less traveled.

The ETI Kindle e-book edition is enhanced with photos and a website link to continually updated photos and readings by the author.

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David Henry Sterry, best-selling author of Master of Ceremonies: a True Story of Sex, Drugs, Rollerblades, and Chippendales and Chicken: Self-portrait of a Young Man for Rent, and who has been translated into ten languages, says…

“The Devil in Miss Jones was not only a revolutionary movie, it was a great movie. I do believe the reason it transcended into the Pantheon was the magic of Georgina Spelvin. Imagine my delight when I found her writing to be as deep, exciting, spellbinding, passionate, playful, and yes, I must say it, S*E*X* Y as her acting was.”

Annie M. Sprinkle PhD: artist, sexologist, author, ‘Post-Porn-Modernist,’ noted Feminist, and pioneering film producer/director and performer was consulted and quoted by best-selling author Mary Roach in her latest book, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex. Annie said of Georgina’s book…

“It’s like Siddhartha meets Boogie Nights meets A Chorus Line meets The Devil in Miss Jones. This juicy memoir truly captures the spirit and creativity of the era.”

Richard Johnson, NY Post: “A funny, fast read. I loved it.”